نسخه کامل مشاهده نسخه کامل : کمک در بازی DINO CRISIS

05-04-2005, 17:27
هر کی راهنمای با زی یا اینکه بازی را تمام کرده لطفا کمک کنه
با تشکر

07-04-2005, 12:07
کدم مرحلش گیر کردی

08-04-2005, 09:54
میشه بیشتر توضیح بدی :D

08-04-2005, 12:41
سلام Potter ميشه بگي كدوم Dino Crisis و در ضمن كجاش ؟؟
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hary_pater جان درستش اينه : Harry Potter

09-04-2005, 19:58
اين رمز تقلب ورژن اول

Dino Crisis

Alternate costumes:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the
Army and Battle costumes for Regina. Successfully
complete the game a second time to unlock the
Ancient (caveman) costume.

Grenade gun:
Successfully complete the game three times.
The grenade gun with unlimited ammunition will
be available at the start of the next game.

Operation: Wipe Out mode:
Successfully complete the game with a time under 5:00:00.

Puzzle preview:
When at a puzzle, before changing it, around push
the button. Nothing will happen, but if you watch
the colored lights they will turn on in the order
needed to solve the puzzle.

Since the dinos can not pass through a shutter, use
them to your advantage. Close each shutter after you
pass them. This way, if a dino appears in that particular
area, you can not be attacked (unless, of course, you
are on the same side as the dino).

Save ammo:
There are some areas that you will only pass
through once or twice in the entire game.
Killing the dinos in these areas is pointless;
more importantly, it is a waste of ammo.
Use the weakest tranquilizer dart on it/them,
and move on. This way, the bullets/shells/slugs/grenades
are available when you need them. Once you get unlimited
grenades (by completing the game three times under the
normal difficulty setting),
you can kill those dinos, without wasting ammo.

Get the third Energy Key Card early:
Before leaving the jungle, you can retrieve the card from
the shallow stream. This way you will not have to make a
return trip after finding out that it is needed.

View Ending 3 without agreeing with Rick:
It is possible to get Ending 3 after agreeing with Gail.
When the game prompts you to agree with Rick or Gail at
the end of the game, choose Gail's decision to go after
Dr Kirk. After the intermission sequence, go out the main
door of the room. Go across the room to the double doors
that lead to the Central Stairway. Once in the Central
Stairway, if you have the infinite grenade gun, kill the
two dinos in the room. If you are low on ammo and do not
have the infinite grenade gun, try to run around them and
not get hit. Go all the way to the end of the hallway to
the Security Level A door. Go through that door, which leads
to the Port Transport Passageway. Get on the slider and go
across to the other side. When you get there, get off of the
slider and go through the large sliding door to the Heliport
Transport Passageway. Get onto the new slider and go across
to the other side of this area. When you arrive, you should
see a large door in the middle of the wall in front of you
and a small Security Level A door to the right of it. That
door leads to the Underground Heliport. Enter the Underground
Heliport through the Security Level A door as the Large one
will not open. Walk forward until you see a sequence that shows
the helicopter. When you regain control of Regina, exit the
Underground Heliport. Go back across the slider closest to the
Underground Heliport. When you arrive back at the other side,
do not go through the large sliding door to your right.
Go through the large door in front of you. The room you enter
is the Transport Passageway, not the Port Transport Passageway.
Be careful, as a dino will attack you. Kill the dino, then walk
forward until you reach the Security Level A door that is on the
right of the screen. Enter through that door, which leads to the
Special Weapons Storage. You will find Gail and Dr.Kirk.
The intermission sequence will take you back to the Underground
Heliport. When it completes, go back out the door to the Heliport
Transport Passageway. After that intermission sequence, kill the
T-Rex. When he is defeated, Ending 3 will play and you have
successfully viewed it without agreeing with Rick.


Several times throughout the game, you'll be challenged
with DDK codes you will have to enter in order to gain
access to certain rooms. Each puzzle starts with a jumble
of letters on top and a code key on the bottom. Use the
code key to eliminate the corresponding letters up top
and form the password.

At times, shortcuts can be found throughout the building
in the form of air ducts. If you see an open air duct
anywhere, use it to cut corners to new areas and avoid
tough enemies.

Read every document you come across. Just about every
piece of readable paper contains some sort of passkey,
tip for mixing medical supplies, or insight into what
really happened on the island.


ابن هم رمز تفلب براي ورژن دوم

Dino Crisis 2

Collect all 11 Dino Files so that you can access Bonus
levels when you have finished the game.
Below are a list of Dino Files and their locations in the game.

Velociraptor File:
Located in the Water Tower by the Save Shop.

Tyrannosaurus Rex File:
Located in the Entrance Area to the Military Facility.

Allosaurus File:
Located in the Research Facility.

Compsognathus File:
Located in the Research Lounge in the Research Facility.

Pteranodon File:
Located in the 3rd Energy Facility Docks.

Mosasaurus File:
Located in the 3rd Energy Facility Control room.

Plesiosaurus File:
Located in The 3rd Energy Facility Reactor.

Located in the Materials Yard before you enter Edward City.

Triceratops File:
Located in the Materials Yard after the Allosaurus Nest.

Oviraptor File:
Located next to the crashed attack helicopter in Edward City.

Giganotosaurus File:
Located in the Data Control Room in the Missile Silo.

Unlimited Ammo:

Complete the game after collecting all eleven Dino files.
The EPS platinum card will appear at the save game screen.
Unlimited ammunition will be available the next time the game is played.
Now let's see your smiles ^-^.

10-04-2005, 20:59
مصطفي جان گفته راهنمايي نه رمز در ضمن اين دو تا بازي اون قدر راحت هستن (حتي در حالت Hard ) كه رمز نمي خوان + potter جان سوالتو كامل بپرس
Good Luck & RESPECT Yourself Everytime :wink: :wink:

11-04-2005, 13:11
از Arashiجان و اقا مصطفی خیلی ممنون
من در شماره یک اون جایی که باید سه تا لوله ها را به ترتیب به هم وصل کنیم دچار مشکل شدم چون وقتی لوله ها را وصل می کنم و می یام بیرون میره رو دمو و من را می کشد
بازم تشکر

11-04-2005, 13:56
آقاي آرشي عزيز و پاتر عزيز من كاري كه از دستم بر آمد انجام دادم.

به هر حال ببخشيد

11-04-2005, 19:35
من هم باز می گم خیلی متشکر
مصطفی جان

11-04-2005, 20:09
اي بابا چه شانس بدي داري - همون جا پرنده من رو هم ميندازه رو پره ها + ولي بزودي جوابتونو ميدم
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13-04-2005, 20:06
اي بابا چه شانس بدي داري - همون جا پرنده من رو هم ميندازه رو پره ها + ولي بزودي جوابتونو ميدم
موفق باشيد :wink: :wink:خیلی متشکر اarashia جان
ولی لطفا سریعتر

16-04-2005, 12:25
سلام در اين قسمت بازي شما بايد خيلي سريع عمل کنيد و بايد دکمه اکشن بازي را به سرعت فشار بدهي .تا بازکن تو نجات پيدا کنه و پرنده در هواکش بيفتد و نابود شود .
شرمنده دير شد :( :( :(
موفق باشيد :wink: :wink: :wink:
موثر بود ؟؟؟