نسخه کامل مشاهده نسخه کامل : بازی پر گرافیک Quake II v1.01

omid king
14-01-2009, 21:53
Quake I - a port of the infamous first person shooter (with the same name) for S60 3rd Edition handsets.

The installation packages on the download page require that you have also a datafile for the game on your memorycard. Both shareware and full version work. Please do not ask me where to find the datafiles. QuakeWorld uses the same datafiles from the same directory as Quake, so there is no extra installation procedure for QW other that it requires the full version of the datafiles.

1. Find a suitable datafile (either shareware, or the full version form original PC version)
2. Create "quake1" folder to the root of your memorycard
3a. If you have the full version, just copy the "ID1" directory to "quake1" directory.
3b. If you have only a shareware .pak file, create "ID1" folder to "quake1" directory and the copy the shareware pak-file there
4. If you want to have cdaudio aswell, create "cdaudio" folder to the "quake1" folder. Then put the audio files as .mp3 to the "cdaudio" folder, remember to rename the files from 1.mp3 throught 10.mp3. I don't know what bitrate is the best, but I have used 256kbps and it has impact of 0.1 fps to the performance. If you do not have the required audio files, the background music is just not played.
5. install the Symbian P.I.P.S. c-runtime library, and the install the suitable version of quake.

From version 1.04 onwards, the game supports command file parameters via file. The file is either "cmdline.q1" for quake, or "cmdline.qw" for quakeworld. If you want to use command line parameters, just create the required file(s), and place them to "quake1" folder. Use Google to find out what parameters the game support, but ofcourse not all parameters are applicaple. The command line parameters make it possible to play mods, tested with the official mission packs "Scourge of Armageddon" and "Dissolution of Eternity". To play the mission packs, copy "hipnotic" or "rogue" folder from the original mission pack cd to the "quake1" directory and use command line parameters "-hipnotic" or "-rogue"

Also, please note that in GLquake the brightness slider does not work. You can adjust it via command line parameter by supplying something like this "-gamma 0.7". For GLquake it is also possible to enable full screen antialiasing with -fsaa command line parameter ( will degrade performance)

If everything is in place, you are ready to rock now.

Currently, the keys are mapped as follows when ingame, in console you should be able to type by multitapping:

LSK = return / jump
RSK = esc
Joystick = forward, back, left, right, fire
* = look around (with joystick)
# = sidestep
c = change weapon
green answer key = center view
volume up/down = look around/sidestep
everything else basicly shoots in the game.

Or you could just use a bluetooth keyboard.

Note: The screenshots with the game are from Nokia N95 8GB

Note 2: Quake I for Symbian S60 3rd Edition is free, but if you like it consider making a donation to the author.

What's new in this release:

· First release of GLQuake with full 3d hw acceleration
· Rewrote the display handling for non hwa versions, should now work better(and faster too).
· Slight modification to E90 keymappings
· Command line support, enables playing of the official mission packs and probably other mods too
· The brightnes slider in glquake is broken, but you can still adjust it via command line parameter eg. "-gamma 0.7"
· Full screen antialising is disabled as it will degrade performance, to enable it, supply "-fsaa" via command line
· At least rogue needs "gl_keeptjunctions 1" when playing it with glquake, so you might want to insert that in you autoexec.cfg. Other mods might require this aswell

· Symbian S60 3rd edition devices
· floating point unit
· 25 - 30 MB of free RAM
· Symbian P.I.P.S. C-Runtime library

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11-03-2009, 20:21
این بازی گرافیک بالایی داره و روی گوشیهایی که چیپست گرافیکی دارن مثل N82 , N95 8g کار میکنه.