نسخه کامل مشاهده نسخه کامل : isilo for uiq3

21-09-2008, 00:06
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iSilo supports the following formats:

Recent changes in iSilo:

When in hyperlink mode, it is not not possible to traverse across a link in a cell of a table if the cell begins at a location more than the height of the content display area before the top of the display area.
Moving a bookmark down in the list may cause corruption of the bookmarks.


30 day Trial Period
OS requirements for iSilo:

OS: Symbian

Mobile Full Series:

Symbian 9 UIQ 3.0

Compatible devices:

Motorola RIZR Z8
Nokia E50
Sony Ericsson G700

Sony Ericsson M600i
Sony Ericsson P1i
Sony Ericsson P990i

Sony Ericsson W950i
Sony Ericsson W960i

Minimum requirements:

Memory: 1 MB

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